bogwood-le morta

The bogwood also known as "Morta"is a fossilised tree trunk that we recover from the bottom of the bogs and rivers in Europe.

Preserved from decay in up to 10 meters deep, and deprived of oxygen, the wood became very dark, stained by the tannins dissolved in the acidic waters.

Bog wood usually came from various tree species, growing in bogs or near, but the most popular are the oak "QUERQUS - BOG OAK", and the pine "PINUS".
We can consider that the bog wood is actually the first stage of the fossilisation of wood.

  • bog oakextraction

    High quality bog wood is very rare, and therefore very hard to find. The extraction of these woods is a complex process that requires an extensive preparation a and highly qualified team.
    In Romania we extract bog oak over 7000 years old, found in the Danube River and Mures River.

1000-8000 years old

We supply high quality bog wood materials accompanied by a carbon dating certificate.

"The wood has a soul, and a lot of stories to tell."
— Bois Antique

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