The bog wood can be used both indoors and outdoors projects, but also for custom furnitures.

We take advance of the unique character of each bog oak piece to create wonderful projects. It is impossible to find 2 pieces of bog wood alike, each tree tells its own story, and our mission is preserve it in every way.
A 5000 years old dining table can easily be the center piece of any living space.

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Hand crafted bog oak panels

We design and create unique panels for private and commercial use, using genuine bog oak (min 1000 years old), salvaged from the bottom of the rivers and bogs in Romania.

Custom size bog wood panels for any decoration project.

The bog oak panels are specifically created according to each project we have, therefore every panel is unique.
Bogwood pieces are putted together using a special technique, creating a harmonious mix of natural elements that is impossible to replicate with other wood types.
Bois antique creates high quality bog wood panels for restaurants and business environments.

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