The bog oak slabs are sliced sections in custom thickness.

Each bog oak log is carefully selected, according to our quality requirements and sliced in the thickness requested by our clients.

The bog wood
slabs are once again inspected before we put them into our controlled drying rooms. The forced drying time will be determined depending of the humidity percentage of the wood.
During the drying process, the bog oak will change its structure and density, making the wood much harder and less thicker than the initial state.

technical specifications

1000 years old
2000 years old
3500 years old
4500 years old
6000 years old
8000 years old

The dried bog oak slabs have a humidity level between 10% - 14%. The weight of the dried bog wood slabs can reach up to 1200 kg per cubic meter.

Length: 200 - 700 CM

bog oak length

Width: 40 - 80 CM

bog oak width

Thickness: 2 - 10 CM

bog oak thickness

Bois Antique supplies dried bog oak slabs

Looking for bogwood materials? For many years we supply high quality bog oak slabs, veneers and sleepers, ready to be used in order to create unique finished products.

Custom size bog oak slabs for sale.

Bois Antique is equipped with the latest technology and professional machines, in order to guarantee only high quality bogwood materials.
We accept custom size orders for your projects, therefore we invite you to get in touch with us for any request.

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