The bog wood logs are tree trunks aged between 1000 - 8000 years old, salvaged from the bottom of the bogs, rivers and lakes.

Bois Antique supplies large quantities of high quality bog oak logs - le morta.
The bog wood changed its structure during centuries, and compared to new woods, it is much stronger.
Bog oak is the first choice when it cames to create valuable products guaranteeing the highest quality and durability.

We extract the bog wood by excavating the bogs and rivers like the Danube, and the Mures.
Most bogs we found had a carbon dated age between 3000 - 5000 years old. Their size is always surprising, you never know what is hidden down there, therefore we had the privilege to find even 180 centimetres wide bog oak logs.

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technical specifications

1000 years old
2000 years old
3500 years old
4500 years old
6000 years old
8000 years old

In raw condition, the bog wood - le morta, has a very high humidity level, up to 170% and more. The weight of the logs can reach 1600 kg per cubic meter.

Length: 200 - 1000 CM

bog oak length

Diameter: 40 - 100 CM

bog oak width

bogwood supplier in Europe

We supply for professionals high quality bogwood logs in raw condition, ready to be processed according to your needs.

During centuries, the bog oak granted unique colour variations.

The colour varies, from deep blue black to brown black, depending on the time the tree was buried.
Usually the darkest colour is found near the outside part of the log.

After the bog oak is sliced, a beautifully coloured patina is immediately noticed, for that reason the veneer of this wonderful wood is used for furniture coverings and ornamental pieces.

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